Too Much Sodium in Our Food Essay

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There should be objectives on how to reduce the amount of sodium in the fast food chain restaurant. For example there should be a special menu for the people who want to eat and live a healthier life. There should be a mission, and it should strive to have the best menu for people in the market place, so the people can have the experience of the best fast food, and the company will gain success and credibility with a great reputation. The keys to a successful company are to create a unique innovation with an entertaining menu that differentiates them from the rest of the competition. It is important to control cost at all time. The goal is to reduce sodium and for people to live healthier lives and to ensure there is an effective control…show more content…
Now with the beverage, changing the sodas to a more healthier drink like cranberry products , simple orange mango juices, simple product have different flavors so this would be a great beverage. V/8 juice is another they also has the one with low sodium, for the children juicy juice is good for them, also apple juice, milk builds the bones so this was be good for all. I don’t know of a restaurant that has happy hour, this would be another strategy from the hour of twelve noon until three o’clock pm mainly on Saturday and asunday. The menu would be all you can eat for a certain price; this would be good for parents who have children who would like to take advantage of some down town while the children enjoy the in ground play ground.

Create a mascot; this is also a marketing strategy that will draw the childrenattention. Children like colors so the mascot has to have attractive colors. The mascot can be use to put on products packing as well as for promotional events and television commercials. The reason for this strategy is to reduce the sodium in products, so people and working parents as well as the on the go people can have a healthier diet and live a healthier life. When time doesn’t permit them to cook at home this menu will be convenient. Sales would be at and all time high and production will also be
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