Too Much Stress in Teens' Lives

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It is no question that adults have large amounts of stress as a result of jobs, money, family issues and the economy. What is often overlooked is how much stress and anxiety teens experience. It is common knowledge that teens worry about school, grades, and sports; but this does not even begin to scratch the surface of the amount of stress teens go through. Teens today feel pressure from the whole of society to conform and to be popular or in style. Teens are also expected to plan for, and have their future mapped out; whether that involves pursuing a career or starting a family, or even both. All of these stresses can lead to a number of serious physical and mental issues including low self-esteem, self-harm, and even thoughts of suicide. The worst part about teen stress is that teens do not know how to handle it. They cannot cope with their changing responsibilities and this leads to role conflict and their inability to react to situations properly. The best thing a teen can do is find a way to control, regulate, and reduce the stress in their lives. In comparison, teens today experience higher levels of stress from academics and an abundance of extra-curricular activities which is only made worse by teen’s ineptitude to cope with these expectations. Adults do experience high levels of stress, that is undeniable. They have to go to work every day, which can be a stressful environment, then they come home and face a whole new plethora of stress inducing aspects. The work
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