Too Much Too Soon Essay

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CASE STUDY TOO MUCH TOO SOON NISHANT THAKUR 1775563 MGMT 121/ SM05(1) Synopsis The scenario is about Sara Patel; she has finished college and is working in a company called Maddison for three years. The first two years she had worked in sales department but now she is working as a sales trainer in the sales and development department. For a while everything was going smooth, all the people in the department liked her and there was an air of openness, until the department started expanding. The first problem that arose was allocation of funds to the different units in her department, employees were complaining about Sarah allocating more resources in her department. Secondly there were problems allocating funds to the local area…show more content…
Employees also complained about scarcity of basic stuff including pens, laptops and blackberries. She was wasting financial resources of the department on her useless travelling and unnecessary courses. She had five resignations at her desk at the same time from her functional heads that she gave excellent rating without even meeting, and now she has to explain it to the VP of Operations. Main issue A manager is someone who works with and through other people by coordinating their work activities to accomplish organizational goals. The manager should work effectively and efficiently, getting out the highest output with minimal input. Whereas in case of Maddison, Inc. the staff working under Sara complained of shortage of basic stuff like pen, laptops and blackberries. Manger should also have management skills like human, technical and conceptual. Technical skills refer to knowledge of the field in which he/she is working. Sara had no technical skills; she was an unqualified trainer as she was there fresh after university and had not work experience in her field. Human skills are the ability to work well with other people both individually and in a group. It refers to communicate, motivate, lead and inspire the staff. Sara had no human skills as her staff wanted her to step down at the lunch meeting. Conceptual skills involve the mental ability of a person
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