Too Much Violence on TV Shows, Movies and Video Games

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Firstly, to make everything I will say logical and understandable, I will break it down into segments and divisions. Inshallah, what I hope to achieve from this composition is for you to understand just what you and your family are receiving from these three categories of entertainment. I shall begin with the TV shows and the movies (since the movies points are really similar to the TV shows, I will combine the two) by talking a little bit about them and then moving on to answering the part of the question that goes with them.
It is a shocking reality that everyone you see today knows what a TV is, whether they come from the most destitute society there is or from the most prosperous of them. They all know what a TV is. The term TV is the short form used for the word television, and it is an electronics device that receives a visual and audible signal and plays it to the viewer, and a show is a spectacle or display of something, typically an impressive one. As for the movie, well it is scarcely different for it is a story or an event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theatre or on television; a motion picture. Now back to the question mentioned near the beginning. For clarification, this question does not have…
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