Too Much Water Is Poison For Flower Seeds Essay

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“Too much water is poison for flower seeds.” When I was in elementary school, this words made me shocked. I believed that the more I watered them, the more beautifully the flowers would bloom, so actually, I gave a lot of water to my flowers. However, because of my “too much care”, I failed to grow them. Like this phrase, when we care about something “too much”, it can be a poison. Of course, there are many cases, but I think the most serious one is parent’s “too much care”, in other words, their interference with children. In my speech, “too much care” means parents do what their children are trying to do instead of them, even though they do not need their help. For example, when children have trouble tying their shoes, then the parent immediately ties their shoelaces instead of letting them learn to do it. Of course, children need parents’ assistance, but is it really the best support for children? Today, I would like to talk about parents’ attitudes of interfering with children’s attempts at learning. Through my speech, I want parents and future parents to think of the circumstances that enable your children to try a lot of things. Some of you may say, ”Interfere? I’ll never do such a stupid thing!” but it is mistaken assumption. According to NHK, more than 50% of the parents interfere with their children with meaning no harm. So, it is a fairly common problem in Japan. Parent’s behavior can sometimes be poison to child’s mental wellbeing. According
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