Too Much to Bear in The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

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I carry a pen, a pencil, a textbook or two, and paper. I carry memories, experiences, pain, guilt, cowardice, love and happiness. In the novel The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, O’Brien centralizes on why people carry what they do, physical or not. To be honest, I carry what I do because I must. If I don’t carry that one textbook that one day, I’ll regret it. If I forget what it was like have my first icecream cone, what if felt like the instant my mouth froze up and the inside of my head pounded so loudly I almost screamed, I will be less of who I am today. What I carry defines me. In the novel, the tangible and intangible loads the soldiers carry define them; such as Lt. Cross's who carry’s a picture of and intangible feelings for Martha. What the soldiers burdened themselves with was largely determined, emotionally or physically, was by necessity.
The tangible objects depicted in the book are especially relevant. The author’s style of writing is very elaborate only because he wants the readers to discern sympathy towards the soldiers. The author tells us about the weight of the objects each of the soldiers carry to supplement our overall total lasting impression. O’Brien says in the first chapter, he recounts the literal objects each soldier carried. “As PFCs or Spec 4s, most of them were common grunts and carried the standard M-16 gas-operated assault rifle. The weapon weighed 7.5 pounds…
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