Essay on Tool Control

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Tool control affects safety. Leaving a tool in an aircraft, engine or a piece of support equipment is not just an inconvenience, it is a safety risk. Realizing this, in our aircraft maintenance department superiors enforce some sort of tool control procedures. They realize that establishing and enforcing a tool control program can provide numerous benefits, the foremost of which is safety. The effect of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on maintenance costs can be significant. For example, the cost to repair a FOD-damaged engine can easily exceed $1 million. FOD can also incur extensive indirect costs, including: Flight delays and cancellations, Schedule disruptions caused by the need to reposition airplanes and crews work for flight management …show more content…
Tool control has been specifically designed to be used hand in hand with FOD prevention systems and procedures. Important part of this is the person who has the authority to release the aircraft in the event a missing tool or all the pieces of the broken tool is not found, which in our case is the quality assurance representative from him to the maintenance chief and finally the maintenance officer who has the final word.
The primary objective of the tool control program is to improve flight safety by eliminating aircraft accidents, incidents, and associated equipment damage caused by lost or misplaced tools. Secondary objectives include the reduction of expenditures for additional out fitting and replacement of missing, defective, or pilfered tools; the reduction of man hours for maintenance task completion; and a general improvement in the quality of aviation maintenance.
Every morning and every after maintenance action we ATAF which means all tools accounted for. During any job an ataf should be had at all times, but how many times are you supposed to ataf your tools? An ataf is performed before the cdi checks your box to be checked out, it is then checked by the cdi so they can check the box out to you to use, before you go out and do your job on the flight line in the hangar etc. when you get out to your job another ataf should be performed and you yet again make sure you have all of your tools, any work stoppage for example,
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