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Keith Hundley Wednesday, 8 July 2013 TOPIC 5000 word essay on the importance of tool control and attention to detail Growing up my Father always loved to have my sister and I participate in home improvement projects. While we were less than joyous to help, we always ended up learning something whether it was a new skill or technique to develop our work ethic, we were always hands-on. My father’s favorite thing to say at the completion of a successful project was, and probably still is, “the job isn’t done until everything is put away”. Saturdays were not for biking with friends or going to the movies with girls, for years during my childhood these afternoons were reserved for building hand-crafted cedar chests or fixing boat…show more content…
19). Unfortunately, despite efforts to reduce tool losses to an absolute minimum, such mishaps still take place but these issues are immediately addressed and the aviation industry is moving towards more efficient tool control (Federal Aviation Authority, 2012). Many aviation specialists will attest to the posing danger that tools can cause if not controlled properly. Aircrew Survival Equipment man 1st Class (AW) Charles Anderson, is a day-shift supervisor for the US Navy work center 130 at VP-9. In an article about the significance of tool accountability in saving lives, stated, “Accountability with tools can prevent a grave situation, its life and death. The bottom line is this, if a tool is in the wrong place, it could cause the aircraft to crash and kill the crew." (HASENKAMP, 2002). Tools affect safety, simply and irrefutable. Leaving a tool like a rag, in an aircraft is not just distressing but it’s dangerous. Because my superiors have already realized that tool control is so vital to aircraft maintenance, they have established the program “tool accountability” which can provide many benefits, the most noteworthy is that it can create a safe environment. There are several components that make tool accountability programs successful, including tool identification, inspection and keeping accurate tool inventory. Tool identification is an important key to tool control, especially when
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