Tool : Helping Smart Administration Of Full Private Clouds

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Poncho Tool: Helping Smart Administration of Full Private Clouds
1. Introduction:
Nowadays we see lot of clouds services like Amazon EC2 and public Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Due to which many organizations have started to think of taking private clouds in consideration. So, that using the own independent self-service cloud model will help in managing computing resources and displaying the resources to its internal users[1].

The System administrators can build a local cloud and get capabilities to provide computational, networking and storage resources on demand with the help of API services. With the presence of these API 's, system administrators get huge benefit as compared to vintage manual approaches. Now, the application can scale elastically as demand for it increases or decreases. The users develop prototypes fast on develop environments and with no trouble transition the prototypes to production environment. So, with the use of private clouds these tasks can happen in company 's own network as well as the company doesn 't need to pay for any third party for using resources.

The difficulties involved in private clouds as compared to public clouds is that in terms of operational, and resource management capabilities. Less utilization of resources and lack of prioritizing resource allocation happens in many cases. However, the most difficultly involved for a private cloud system operators is the user model. There is no proper interface between cloud…
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