Tooled Ochre

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Recently I visited the Transformers exhibition which is currently being held in the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts from September 17th and December 17th. The museum is located on the Campus of Florida Institute of Technology. The exhibition is curated my China Marks, a contemporary artist, who has brought together the artwork of four artists. She has chosen; Julie Peppito, Gerry Trilling, Garry Noland and Jodie Mack. Each has a very different style, but as you progress through the exhibition it is possible to see how they all link to the title. Tooled Ochre by Gerry trilling is one of the pieces of artwork which stood out the most for me at the exhibition. From a far the composition is a large ochre coloured square above a thin, light blue…show more content…
I found it to the most accessible of all of Julie’s collection because of its simplicity compared to her other works. It is quite small, about the size of a computer screen. The background is made of a grey piece of material with a smaller cream piece of embroidery fabric in the centre. The aspect of this piece which draws your eye in is the red string which is looped between the two fabrics, linking them together. The red string merges with a shiny, light blue, rounded bag shaped piece of material with a delicate yellow thread flower at its base. This then takes your eye onto the embroidered woman who seems to be carrying a basket of flower and wearing a blue hat and dress. Above her is a light blue flower with a diagram f planet earth in the centre where the seeds are supposed to be. The embroidery transforms into the bottom and right side of the page through pencil lines. To the right of the woman is an oval shaped white piece of cloth with and multi-coloured boarder. Below the woman the pencil lines create what seems to be legs and then transforms into pipes holding a dog. The shading of the pencil decreases as the drawing moves down the page and becomes more of an outline. The contrasting colours of red and blue superimposed on the plain background makes each element of her composition stand out even more.
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