Tools And Techniques Used For Interactive Website Production

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- Explain the Tools and Techniques used for Interactive website production. HTML and CSS: HTML: Hyper Text Mark-up Language. Basic web language that allows you to create basic web 1.0 websites. CSS: Cascading Style Sheet. Used with HTML as a simpler way of creating web styles. If a CSS stylesheet is properly linked to a HTML document, everything in the CSS sheet will correspond with functions in the HTML document. Allowing for the changing of colour, line-style, font-family etc. without having to edit it for each and every tag, you can have it effect whole groups of tags or even specific ones if you need to. HTML and CSS are used in conjunction to create basic website functions and layouts through the use of tables, text, images and links. Every command within HTML is put within a tag. A tag is a pair of functions indicated by their shorthand names within <>. The closing tag will always have a ‘/’ between the function and the [insert paragraph here], anything replacing the ‘[insert paragraph here]’ will appear on screen as a paragraph. Every HTML document has to be started with a <!DOCTYPE html> tag, so that it knows that the language you are using is HTML. There are many tags that can be used: • • • • • • • • • --- • • > • • • o o o … Hyperlinks are often used in HTML/CSS as they allow you to traverse between pages. They work by sending the user to a given page when clicked on and can be shown as the http address or as any other piece
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