Tools For An Expert 's Deposition

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There are many tools available which can be used to analyze hard drives. There are tools that are approved for law enforcement and used in courts, there are other tools that are free to use, which some are made from law enforcement officers to help their investigations. There are many tools that can be used to recover deleted files and some tools have better success rates than others. There are many tools which can be used on mobile devices such as cell phones to gather digital evidence, the tools may have its own hardware to try to work with different types of phones and have different costs depending on the capabilities of the tool. Companies can higher specific certified computer experts for an hourly rate for digital forensic…show more content…
This will keep from corrupting or accidently deleting files from the original drive. When EnCase is used and investigators are looking at the files, they are locked in to read only to prevent tampering of the data. Another program is OSForensics which can be used to recover and search for deleted files. According to PassMark Software website (n.d.), OSForensics helps identify suspicious files and activity with hash matching, drive signatures, emails, memory and binary data with the ability to quickly extract information and enable data to be managed effectively, (PassMark Software, n.d.). OSForensics does a free version, which has restricted features which EnCase does not have a free version. OSForensics also can find files fast by searching with file name, size and time which can be done with EnCase. However, Encase has more robust search features to identify data that would be irretrievable with other forensics applications. Both programs allow for creating an image of a storage device to prevent from corrupting the original hard drive. OSForensics also shows a timeline to give a visual representation of system activity over a period of time. Computers are not the only hardware investigators look into when they are working on a case. They have tools to look at smart phones which are basically hand held computers since they can surf the web, emails, chat, save files, and
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