Tools For Process Improvement : The Deming Cycle

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Tools for Process improvement
Numerous process improvement methods exist and have been proven over the years. A common tool mentioned in the last section Six Sigma is highly popular in organizations. Yet the most simple and effective process to date has been considered the Deming cycle (B). The Deming cycle “is a simple methodology for improvement that was strongly promoted by W. Edwards Deming. It was originally called the Shewhart cycle after its founder, Walter Shewhart ”(B). The process is a 4 cycle system Plan, Do, Study, Act. The first stage of the process is the planning stage. Assessing the inputs required of a system in relative comparison to the outputs play an implement role in customer satisfaction. It’s imperative to understand the libations of both the customers and suppliers. The next stage of the process is the do stage this is where any sample analysis would be done. The “do” stage is primarily for gathering data which comes into use in the Study Stage. The study stage is about interpreting data in a language that is understandable for the purpose of the main objective. Lastly, after analyzing the data and determining the strengths, opportunities, and weakness it’s time to evaluate how to improve the processes in place to meet your objective. The Deming Shewhart Cycle is both effective for short-term and long-term continuous improvement. Learning is a process that allows us to build on our knowledge base from our mistakes. Deming 's Cycle is just one of the
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