Tools For Service Management : Hospitality Data Tools

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TOOLS FOR SERVICE MANAGEMENT: HOSPITALITY DATA TOOLS Linda Holand-Blackwell American Public University System Abstract Tools for Service Management are crucial factors to an organization 's service effectiveness and its future operations. Analyzing the strenghts, weakenesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization can help find out how well the organization is doing in the competative world of business. The imporatance of quality and standards have forced managers to take a thorough approach in achieving total quality. Quality can be measured in the terms of product performance, customer service, relaibility, standards, durability, and effects. “Quality in the Tourism and Hospitality…show more content…
“Making effective business decisions require gathering and analyzing data. In the Hospitality Industry, we have access to significant amount of data about customers, buying patterns, pricing, occupancy, rates, etc.” (The Online Path, n.d.). The basic steps in any planning process is to be startegic and tactical in communicating the goals and strategies to be taken within the organization. Strategic and tactical planning will leverage the strengths of an organization, while reducing the effects of its weakness. Implementing service mamangement tools and techniques are vital to an organization success. These tools and techiniques are used in decision-making, planning, quality control, finance shares, production, marketing, research and development. They also give the organization a competeive advatange in market success, broaden its domain, and promote customer satisfaction. One the most powerful business tool is the flow chart. A flow chart is “a snapshot of your business” and “it tells the complexiyt of the business processess” (Hebb, n.d.). It provides the steps to project planning, program or system design, process documenation, audit a process for inefficiencies or malfuntions, map computer algorithms, and documenting workflow. A flow chart is a detailed diagram or chart of the operations of an organization. Performance Mangement Tools accesses employee job performance. Monitoring and rating employee performance should align with the
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