Tools Of Research And Reflection

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1500 Word Assignment Tools of Research & Reflection – Listening To Needs Of Poverty Fall 2014 By: Charmaine Warford The tools of research and reflection available to the church to ensure it is listening deeply to the needs of the poor, prisoners, the blind and the oppressed are many and varied. There are both quantitative and qualitative means of research that can be used for reflection by the church to assess the needs of the people. Issues such as poverty are being dealt with by the church continuously and striving for ultimate effectiveness. As long as poverty exists the church must strive to improve its tools and implement effective methods to eliminate it’s devastating consequences. Anthony B. Bradley says; “The mystery of Christ’s concern that we focus on the needs in front of us to pursue not a results-oriented utopia on this side of Christ’s return, but rather to pursue endeavours that support human dignity by establishing frameworks of trustworthiness so that people can plan to deal with one another in mutually beneficial ways.” A strong church starts with a clear vision. 1. Church birthing begins with personal conviction. Recognize the need exists – Inspiration See the solution – vision Conviction that this need must be met – determination Steps taken for a solution – action 2. To build the church we need: Vision and mission statement. Location and demographic research of your planting area. Development and implementation plan i.e. the number of people you
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