Tools Used By Project Managers Essay

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Tools Used by Project Managers

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Tools Used by Project Managers
Project management refers to the process of monitoring, planning and controlling a distinct set of tasks that have a discrete end, beginning and result. The process of project managements is carried out within three important constraints of scope, costs and time (Meredith & Mantel, 2012). The purpose of the project management is producing a product that is technically acceptable that is within and on time the budget. To attain this, project managers tries to reduce the risks linked to the project and maximum the benefits, including marketability and profit. There is a wide array of techniques and tools that are used for the purpose of helping the project managers especially in controlling and monitoring the projects.
Work Breakdown structure (WBS) The objective of the Work breakdown structure is to assist in effectively planning for a project through breaking activities or key tasks in a smaller and more manageable work units. Work breakdown structures avails a detailed task lists to be carried out for a project and assists in delivering better costs, resource and scheduling planning for a project (Meredith & Mantel, 2012). The work breakdown structure at its basic level lists all the activities that require to be done to ensure that a project is complete. This is often written as a hierarchy and commences with the general task and breaking the task
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