Tools Used for Measuring Temperature

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Task 1: For this question, I’m going to discus about three measurements that I searched about which is used for measuring the temperature. Vapor pressure measure thermometer was the first one I choose. I hadn’t known there was an instrument that could measure the temperature depending on the pressure. The second instrument is Liquid in Glass thermometer. And finally, the third instrument is infrared Pyrometer. I will provide figures and some information about these thermometers, and also the advantage and disadvantage. Vapor Pressure Thermometer A vapor pressure thermometer is consists of: a bulb, a pressure sensor, long tube connects the bulb to the pressure sensor, and the valve. Figure 1: vapor pressure thermometer: 1) bulb containing two phases of a substance in thermal equilibrium, 2) pressure sensor, 3) connecting tube to connect the bulb with the sensor, 4) filling system.1 Figure 2: diagram for a pure substance. “t” triple point and “C” critical point.1 Vapor pressure thermometers are founded on the saturated vapor pressure in a two-phase system. The behavior of a liquid-vapor system in equilibrium is described in the tC curve. Beside the curve for a pure substance, the pressure differs on the temperature and not on the quantity of substance vaporized. The temperature range related with vaporization is limited to temperatures between the critical point and the triple point of the substance. The range is even further reduced if the extreme pressures to
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