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TOOLS OF RESEARCH * Research Tool – is a specific mechanism or strategy the researcher uses to collect, manipulate, or interpret data. * Research Methodology – is the general approach the researcher takes in carrying out the research project, to some extent, this approach dictates the particular tools that the researcher selects. THE SIX GENERAL TOOLS OF RESEARCH 1. The library and its resources For thousands of years, the library served primarily as a repository of books and manuscripts. It was, for the most part, only a slowly expanding universe of knowledge, one that could be comfortably contained within masonry walls. In the 20th century, the role of the library changed. An explosion of information occurred. Research…show more content…
An FTP client program initiates a connection to a remote computer running FTP server software. After the connection is established, the client can choose to send and/or receive copies of files, singly or in groups. To connect to an FTP server, a client requires a username and password as set by the administrator of the server. D. Electronic Mail Electronic mail service, more commonly known as e-mail, allows people to communicate quickly with one another. A single message can be sent directly to one or many individuals at a single time. Unlike mail delivered by the postal service, a message sent correctly through e-mail is generally delivered in a matter of seconds, no matter where in the world the receiver is. E. News The news feature of the Internet is like a huge bulletin board on which people post messages and comments for others to react and add to. 3. Techniques of measurement Measurement is limiting the data of any phenomenon- substantial or insubstantial- so that those data may be interpreted and, ultimately, compared to an acceptable qualitative or quantitative standard. * Substantial Measurement is measurement of observable objects or variables and has an obvious basis in the real world. e.g. area, height. * Insubstantial measurement exists only as concepts (opinions, ideas, feelings and other intangible entities) * FOUR SCALES OF MEASUREMENTS A. Nominal Scale of

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