Toolscorp Corporation

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Running Head: ToolsCorp Corporation ToolsCorp Corporation AIU – MGT680 Abstract This paper will address penetrating the global marketplace and broaden the area of operations and sales for ToolsCorp Corporation. This paper will include the overall evaluation of this corporation and the long term strategic plan development. It will also include the corporation’s mission and vision statements. ToolsCorp Introduction ToolsCorp Corporation, a company out of Tennessee that builds power tools, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves, and ranges. Currently these products are sold in retails such as Sears, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. Their products are manufactured locally and have a promising business within the US and Canada.…show more content…
Our goals include providing the best warranty in order to provide our customers with more time for their own enjoyment. The worldwide expansion will benefit the security of the company and the well-being for employees and stakeholders. Our goals also include establishing the good standing for US Made products in the countries in which they operate (King, 2010). ToolsCorp’s ethical code depends on the reputation on the brand, moral state of its employees, job security, and fairness in all aspects of company’s actions. The company’s philosophy is to bring the best value for the product at a fair price to benefit customers, employees, and stakeholders. This company wants to improve the lives of every person that is involved with the company (Components, 2013). Defining the identity includes the businesses mission statement, philosophy, and how it wants to be seen by other companies and consumers. In order to find the information of a company to define it and create its mission statement, the information needed is already established by how the company does business. For example, a company who cares about the environment will recycle, use renewable energies, handle their waste properly, etc. The information provided about ToolsCorp is not actually enough information to provide the identity and mission statement. Strategic Objectives In 2012 the US
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