Toolscorp Corporation’s Introduction

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MGT680-1302D-01 Strategic Management Toolscorp Corporation’s Introduction To The Global Marketplace Strategic Plan Overview David Lomidze American Intercontinental University Dr. Leland Taylor June 17.2013 Abstract This paper will address ToolsCorp Corporation’s attempt to penetrate the global marketplace and broaden the area of the operations and sales. Overall evaluation of the establishment and the environment and Toolscorp Corporation’s long term strategic plan development in early phase and its mission and vision statements will be defined. Toolscorp Corporation’s Introduction To The Global Marketplace Strategic Plan Overview Toolscorp Corporation ToolsCorp Corporation is the well-established organization that builds…show more content…
Our goal is to establish the good standing for “US Made” in countries where we will operate”. Company’s ethical code is devoted to the reputation of the brand, profits for shareholders, job security and moral state of its employees, environmental friendly product and manufacturing process, fairness in all aspects of company’s actions. “Bringing the best value for fair price will benefit customers, employees and stakeholders - we will improve the lives of every person that one way or other is involved with the company” is ToolsCorp’s philosophy. Global Market And ToolsCorp In 2010 United States received more than $164 billion in foreign direct investment by exporting $1.9 trillion in products and services and gaining first place (14% global share) in service exports and second (8.4% global share) in goods exports (Klohs, 2012, p. 28) and since Toolscorp Corporation has reached great success in manufacturing and selling goods in US and Canada and at this moment corporation is in its best shape considering the environment and the market and the corporation’s position with its employees and consumer time to move forward has come and going global will be the best solution for company to expand and gain success. Toolscorp is planning to

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