Toothpaste And Its Effects On The Body

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Toothpaste is for everyone who has teeth, but this toothpaste in particular is for adults, teens, or tweens. The reason I say adults over the different generations is that the time in one’s life where their teeth start falling out or are removed is different for everyone. Some people with false teeth may continue to use this product, although there are special products used to clean dentures that are more effective. Adults who want whiter teeth without the damaging effects of a whitening toothpaste would use this product. Also, there has been a trend in toothpastes that benefit the enamel, causing Crest to follow the trend by introducing a toothpaste that does not damage or cause sensitivity to the teeth. Teens and tweens may begin using the toothpaste when their parent buys it or they may experiment with toothpastes to find something they like over what their parents buy. Generally, grown children buy the same or opposite products as their parents, so depending on the child either case is possible. This product is not gender specific, but uses the want of both genders to look appealing and be healthy. Ethnicity and lifestyle do not determine whether a person will buy this product either, although the flavor may be more appealing to people with certain cultural backgrounds. People looking for an all-natural or “green” product would not be the target market for this Crest toothpaste, neither would those living a simple lifestyle. People that do not normally interact with

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