Toothpaste Wars: Colgate versus Crest Essay

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Colgate versus Crest is one of the marketing industries most famous battles. While Colgate has enjoyed the lead around the world with sales in over 170 countries and over 2 billion dollars, the United States has been their fiercest battle ground and one that Procter and Gamble’s Crest dominated for thirty years as America’s favorite toothpaste. That came to an end when Colgate Total was launched in 1998, Colgate took the lead in the United States. Procter and Gamble to compete began expanding their family brand into other oral health products, which included whitening, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and floss. Finally in 2007 Crest once again regained its top ranked position. (, 2013) We will begin to delve deeper into…show more content…
It featured the artwork of Norman Rockwell and carried the theme, “Look, mom — no cavities.” (Kramer, 2007) What really reinforced their brand equity was in 1960, when the American Dental Association gave them a third party validation. This gave way to Crest becoming the leader in toothpaste in the United States. For over 50 years Crest states that they were the leader in dental health, providing healthy and beautiful smiles across the country. (Crest Corporate, n.d.) Colgate on the other hand began in New York in 1806 by its namesake William Colgate as a soap company. Since that time numerous generations have formed what the company is today. In 1873, Colgate introduced toothpaste in a jar and followed in 1896 with the collapsible tube. By 1906, when Colgate celebrated its 100th birthday they had over 800 products on the market. (Colgate Corporate, n.d.) At this time their tagline for toothpaste was “We cannot improve the paste, so improved the tube.” In 1911, Colgate began its relationship marketing by distributing over 2 million tooth brushes and tubes of toothpaste to school children along with nurses to demonstrate how to brush your teeth. Then in the 1920’s they began to open operations in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa to expand to the world markets. It was not until 1968 that Colgate added fluoride to their toothpaste. Then in 1983 Colgate added to their family brand, a

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