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Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Loan Package
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Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Loan Package Tootsie Roll Industry Inc. will be preparing a loan package to maintain ultimate company performance, maximize the company’s profits, and increase the shareholder’s value. Tootsie Roll Industry Inc. will be applying for a loan that will increase the company’s total liability by $17,449.50. A perfect loan package includes a concise executive summary that focuses primarily on the ratio analysis of the financial statement, justification for the loan, and explanation of how the company intends to use loan. The corresponding ratio calculations are justified in the appendix.
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Advertising this new sugar free version will create brand awareness, and will increase customers. Tootsie Roll will continue to use visual aspects in its campaign mix, just as Kit Kat, M& M’s, and Hershey have done previously. For instance, the owl licking the Tootsie Roll lollypop connects the customer to the product. The child asks the owl how many licks it takes to get to the middle of the Tootsie Roll pop. The owl will lick the lollipop and begin counting. This visual identity is familiar to older generations. Tootsie Roll will also focus on recreating visual aspects to target younger audiences. The campaign requires additional funding. However, the revenues generated are vital to the company’s yielded return is greater. Intend Use of the Loan Tootsie Roll will allocate funds to the following areas, expansion, marketing, and retirement. Tootsie Roll aspires to remain the brand highly recognized across all classes of trade (Kimmel, Weygandt, & Kieso, 2009). Tootsie Roll can use additional funding to expand and penetrate United States and foreign markets successfully while improving its products. Tootsie Roll continues to offer products that are accessible, affordable, and customer-centered. Using targeted consumer and trade promotions to create value in the product will also increase distribution and sales, and yield a faster return on

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