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Tootsie Roll 1. How does Tootsie Roll Industries (TRI) communicate its values to suppliers and employees? TRI uses a top-down method, which in some cases can alienate lower leveled employees. TRI has implemented a few different programs to encourage accessibility, teamwork, and open communication. The company’s “open door policy,” allows for employees to observe and participate in the decision-making process throughout all departments. The company also established cross-functional teams, which increases creativity and increases the employees’ sensitivity on issues that will affect the organization. Cross functional groups provide cross training to the company’s employees. These types of programs display the company’s…show more content…
What communication techniques demonstrate the company’s flexibility? TRI demonstrates its flexibility with the “open door” policy and cross training programs. As mentioned above, both allow TRI management to show the value the company has in employees’ insights and opinions. Employees are encouraged to confront and resolve conflicts, which means the company is flexible to problem resolution. The company shows its flexibility with suppliers and acquisitions through its strategic bargaining. It uses a cooperative strategy, which is very open, honest and upfront with its business partners. It uses an open bargaining structure, argumentation, and concession to lead to a mutually satisfaction agreement. This was also identified above in the Chicago example. The open structure allows for everything to be put on the table, so the negotiation process is more successful. 3. How do cross-functional teams benefit TRI? Cross-functional teams give a wide range of ideas, viewpoints, opinions, and knowledge, which increases the likelihood of coming up with effective solutions or successful product development. Because of these teams, solutions for new product or business venture are very will reasoned and the organization is well informed. These teams also increase workplace dynamics, and when employees work across functions they develop a better appreciation for the company

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