Top 10 Coaches Heading Into 2016-2017

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Top 10 Coaches Heading into 2016-2017

I built this list with a couple of things in mind. I have tried to mix in their coaching resume, tactics, player development, coaching skill, who I would want to coach my team, among other things. Keep in mind this list is purely subjective as you can’t measure coaching ability with statistical analysis, the way you would when comparing players. So on that note here we go:

1. Gregg Popovich
I don’t think anybody would argue with Pop in the top spot. He has been doing it for 20 years, he is a 3-time Coach of the Year, and a 5-time NBA champion. Bringing LaMarcus Aldridge and, more recently, Pau Gasol to the Spurs had a lot to do with the man in charge.

He has also done a great job of player development., Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, are prime examples of talent acquisition and development for Pop. He developed Kawhi Leonard into the superstar and defensive menace that he currently is and has routinely outwitted his opponents in game.

Pop has done a fantastic job extending the careers of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, and Parker by being one of the rest day pioneers and maximizing his rotation players. He has taken players such as Danny Green and Boris Diaw, that seem like misfits elsewhere, and turns them into contributors.

There is a reason veterans flock to the Spurs, because Popovich routinely gets the most out of them and gives them the best chance to win.

2. Rick Carlisle
One of only eleven players in NBA history to have won a…

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