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Forensic Science (Forensics) has been around for centuries, more like the beginning of the 700s when the Chinese began using fingerprints to indicate a person’s identity. Looking out, Fo-rensic Science has been improving more and more every year. There are now several more jobs in this field, which of course, require a specific path to take a part of. In the article, “Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Forensic Science,” it gives a median av-erage of the pay and slight insight of what these high paying jobs duties include. To narrow it down, the top five paying jobs in Forensic Science are (from lowest to highest), Accountant, Psychologist, Mechanical Engineer, Trained Attorney, and a Fo-rensic Medical Examiner. First on the list would be a…show more content…
As Bruce Arrigo contends, Forensic psychologists expend in malefaction and equity. They examine the case, controversies, social quandaries, mental states, and other intricate phenomena found in adults, the youth, civil, and family areas with profi-cient execution. They may not define the parameters of their work as such; however, they are unquestionably committed to this enterprise (Arrigo). Forensic Psychologists play a major roll in the avoidance of future crimes. The way these scientists help, is by being “called upon to participate in the rehabilitation of criminals, for instance, to help ensure that they become law abiding citizens” (“Careers in Psychology”). The most useful help with this field is the fact that Psychologists can also de-termine whether a specific type of person might commit a crime before they actually occur, just by looking at their behavior. In this field of Forensic Science, Psychologists can make an av-erage of $69,000 a year. This is because of the proper training needed, which is higher than a forensic biologist or chemist. A death was caused because of a collapsing building, but what field in Forensic Science does this imply to? Well, that would be a Forensic Mechanical/Architectural Engineer. A Mechan-ical/Architectural Engineer are not only in charge of the way buildings are constructed, but also our electricity, lighting, fire protection, and much more. Sean Brady explains how an Engi-neer professional do their job in
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