Top 10 Powerhouses Organizations of their Individual Markets

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Microsoft, Walt Disney, Google, BMW, Daimler, Sony, Intel, Volkswagen, Apple and Nestle are probably big company names that many have heard of. They are without doubt the sole powerhouses of their individual markets holding a big market share for themselves. But, despite the fact that they have that common factor, another thing that they have in common is that these 10 companies are the top ten companies with the highest CSR reputation in the world (SOURCE). CSR the acronym for Corporate Social Responsibility is currently a new business model that many businesses are starting to adapt. Throughout time, things improve and so do peoples expectations; CSR is a new model that incorporates things that people are more concerned with nowadays compared to the past. By requiring companies to spend more of their money on social responsibilities, CSR provides an opportunity for the companies to benefit more than just themselves in many different ways, but the question still lies at the point of to what extent does CSR benefits the companies themselves (SOURCE). There have been a lacking measurement in the actual benefits of CSR and companies are doubting whether or not CSR actually benefits company performance. Despite that though, there must be a reason as to why these powerhouses are incorporating CSR as their main business model and that reason would most definitely be that CSR benefits company performance in so many ways, both externally and internally, that no other business model

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