Top 10 Ways Of Increase Usability On Your Website

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Top 10 ways to increase usability on your website
In Usability of a website from enhanced content to page layout and designing, user interface to navigation, downloading speed to ease of use everything matter at its most.
When your user coming to your site can find what they need and accomplish their goals you seem to achieve usability goal and now you’re stepping ahead to turn them into potential customers.
1. Easy to use and compulsive
Accomplishing users’ tasks should be just a few clicks away. Users should feel a great ease in locating call-to-action with least clicks possible. There’s simply no need to ask users to fill in unwanted, unnecessary and long forms. Important messages may be about new arrivals, product/services should be eye catching.
If uses face readability issues, it generates high chances to create usability problems, here users are for sure getting antagonize and will rub it up the wrong way and quit, resulting a great loss of potential customers. Use typography usability guidelines and such design elements decreasing this issue.
2. Content
Do you see 80-90% of the content that your users might be looking for when see your web page with a free mind at first glance? If it’s so, then it’s a quality useable page. No usability expert would disagree that when considering usability content becomes the priority and the key for its effectiveness and usability. It’s a foremost requirement.
Same goes for how the content is displayed in your “page layout”
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