Top 10 Worst Things About High School

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Top 10 Worst Things about High School The beginning of high school is the start to the next four years of hell. No one wants to be there. Everyone says, “these will be the best four years of your life!” Along with, “it goes by so fast,” and, “in the blink of an eye,” but the truth is, I don’t see it. Every waking moment I have to sit through a lecture in a cold, solid, chair is like sitting silently next to your parent in a car as they scold you for what you’ve done. You can’t go anywhere, or say anything. You just have to embrace it. So, I’d like to point out the top ten worst things about high school, in case you’ve already been through it and forgotten. Unless you’re still in grade school and high school is yet to come, this is a warning. Turn around. Do not enter. Go back now. Waking up When you’re slowly becoming conscious at 6 a.m. to the sound of that familiar alarm noise is the worst part. Then hitting snooze as soon as you realize why you’re awake, because procrastination is a great way to start the day. After you’ve done that three or four times you finally force yourself to get up. With exhaustion, heavy on your chest, you attempt to rush around in the little time you have. When you’re half asleep, ‘rushing around’ is really like normal pace if you were completely alert, so you’re just as slow. Forcing a brush through your hair, then jeans around your waist, you barely make it out the door in time. After you’re already in the car, you realize you’re hungry
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