Top 5 Landing Page Tips For Financial Services

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Top 5 Landing Page Tips for Financial Services The current state of the global financial services sector, financial literacy, and volatile economic circumstances, when put together, paint a vivid picture of statistics, opportunities and sales funnels. As you hear on the news, this global market is highly saturated and intensely competitive. Regardless of low GDP growth in 2015, banks, insurance brokers, mortgage groups and small to medium businesses around the globe thrive in this competitive landscape on a daily basis. Though seemingly challenging for financial service providers, these competitive forces actually benefit both parties in the long run. Today, customers have exposure to a wide variety of services, products, and price…show more content…
It’s no longer a question of whether digital marketing tactics are effective, but rather, how quickly and easily can you undertake them to make your business sustainable and profitable in this digital technological revolution. The use of landing pages, for instance, is one such marketing tactic. These webpages exist for the sole purpose of retaining visitors and encouraging a specific action. Whether it requires making a purchase or signing up for information, landing pages can help you gain new leads and increase funnel efficiency. The great thing about landing pages is that they offer smooth integration with social media, email and other digital marketing channels. So once integrated, they have the ability to make your sales and marketing functions more effective. For financial services, here’s a list of top five tips for landing page optimization: 1. Be understanding and not condescending. As previously mentioned, with an increasing number of diverse product offerings in the market, customers are becoming more knowledgeable about financial markets and economic circumstances. Take the increasing demand for ETFs as an example. There are now new opportunities opening up for retirement and pension specialists, as mature adults are becoming anxious about their financial welfare, and are seeking out financial services providers for advice and other services. This is
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