Top Affiliates, Joint Venture Partners And Other Rock Stars

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How to Get the Attention of Super Affiliates, Joint Venture Partners and Other Rock Stars Contents Introduction 3 Step One: Creating Your Affiliate or Partnership Offer 4 So What Does It Take To Attract A Super Affiliate? 4 Is it Easy to Access Your Content and Do you Have an Abundance of Material for Them to Use? 5 Super Affiliates Like Metrics 5 Quality and Respect 6 What Do You Have to Offer Joint Venture Partners? 6 Step Two: Finding the Right Affiliates and Partners for Your Business 7 Identifying Potential Joint Venture Partners 7 Reaching out to Potential JV partners 8 Do Your Research and Be an Active Contributor 8 Send a Personal Email 9 Pick Up the Phone 9 Identifying Super Affiliates 10 Reaching Out To Potential Affiliates…show more content…
Additionally, when a person becomes a customer from a referral they’re more likely to be happy with their buying decision. Online partnerships can be just as powerful, if not more so. Online, you have the ability to reach hundreds or thousands of new people with each relationship you leverage. For example, a ghostwriter might partner with a website designer. People building websites need content. The website designer could become an affiliate and promote the writer’s services in exchange for a commission on each referral or sale. Again, it’s a win/win because the website designer is helping provide value to her clients and prospects. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a solid coaching business or service then you have the opportunity to expand your business greatly by focusing on building those power relationships. The question is, how do you attract the attention of super affiliates and joint venture partners? Over the next 10 pages we’ll take a look at: • What it takes to attract a super affiliate. • How to create a benefit-driven affiliate offer. • How to answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” from prospective partners. • How to find the right affiliates and partners for your business goals and vision. • How to construct mutually beneficial joint venture partnerships. • How to reach out to potential super affiliates. • Where to find super affiliates. • How to identify and connect with prospective joint venture partners. • How to
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