Top Brain Foods For Mental Focus

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Top Brain Foods for Mental Focus Mental focus and concentration is one of the keys to athletic excellence. How many times have you seen a team take the lead during a game, but then blow the lead later in the game by allowing the opposing team to come back and take the win? It’s no surprise that the lack of focus from an athlete or an athletic team can lead to disappointing ties or loses. This is why it is important that athletes keep their head in the game and remain focused. When athletes are “in the zone” they are not as easily distracted and they are totally involved with what they are doing. In this state, it’s like time has stopped and they are tuned in to the task at hand. One of the most important skills in sports is having the ability to focus. All athletes, regardless of skill level, can benefit greatly from an improvement in their ability to focus and concentrate. Luckily enough, there are foods that you can eat that are known to help improve your mental focus. If you want to keep your head in the game, make sure you are ingesting these top brain foods for increased athletic focus. 1. Oatmeal This breakfast favorite is a nutritious one that not only helps your endurance and strength, but also keeps you full as well. This low-calorie food is chock full of magnesium, which has been shown to help improve your memory and boost your brain. Oats also release their sugar as glucose slowly, and having a steady glucose level means better attention levels and focus. 2.
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