Top Down And Bottom Up

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Top-down and Bottom-up are two primary approaches in dealing with management issues. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses. The top-down approach does not involve the bottom employees in making decision while the bottom-up approach involves such people in this process. Generally, the top-down approach often causes confusion of bottom-line people if they do not understand clearly the aims and objectives of the top managers. Therefore, in the case of important issues, it is critical for the managers to communicate well with their employees in order to make agreement within the organization. The case of Centurion Media is an example of the implementation of the top-down approach causing confusion of bottom-line people. Importantly, it is also a good example of business ethics that company should consider during their performances.
Problem identification
The broad landscape of this case is Centurion Media, a public company with operating divisions in several major media segments. This company owns 25% of common stocks of North Park Media, an immediate-company between the small and medium companies and advertising operators. North Park is examined as the new wage of the future with significant growth recently.
Within Centurion Media operation, Centurion Cable TV division, which brings significant revenues to this company, consists of six regions managed by six vice presidents, including Richard Bennett, vice president of the South East region. Since his…
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