Top Down Leadership vs Bottom Up Leadership

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Top down Leadership versus Bottom up Leadership Top down leadership has in many ways been the cultural gnome in terms of leadership styles for probably the longest time in history Likert termed it Exploitive authoritative. “In this style, the leader has a low concern for people and uses such methods as threats and other fear-based methods to achieve conformance. Communication is almost entirely downwards and the psychologically distant concerns of people are ignored.” (Likert, 1969) Top down leadership has had a deep impact and so much intertwined with human culture that it is deemed to be simply the natural form of leadership. There are many other forms of leadership styles being nurtured so as to adapt with cultural changes and views…show more content…
(Par7 Jaap 2008) Not wanting to seem all too pessimistic towards top down leadership, there are certain areas such as the military organizations or police force where top down leadership is and strongly believe will continue to be employed in such areas to the unforeseeable future because the whole system is heavily based upon order. The military organizations in America are applaud able and should be exemplary for the rest of the world military to emulate, not to be deemed as a war fanatics’ but rather as an organization that understands what entails protecting its citizens. Leadership however is what directs them to war, peace, rescue missions etc for that is typical for those who are disciplined to follow top down leadership. “The whole system tends to absorb its people in focusing on rules and procedures designed to keep everyone in their appropriate place doing exactly what each tribe dictates its members should be doing. Most organizational language is about reinforcing the master/servant or parent/child relationship that appears to be an essential part of the military type of hierarchy “(par4 Jaap May 2008). Keeping this in mind we also have to understand that the discipline they have did not just appear out of nowhere, they had to
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