Top Down vs Bottom Up

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Top-Down, Bottom-Up and Metacognition – Discovering the Mind
Angelica Lipscomb
PHYC102-1402B-10 Robin Redfern
June 15, 2014

Abstract In scientific psychology the question of how information is processed is achieved by asking to what amount a psychological procedure is motivated by top-down as opposed to bottom-up information. The difference between top-down and bottom-up processing is commonly used in experimental psychology. Top-down processing proposes that we form our observations starting with a bigger objective, thought, or knowledge before working our way in the direction of more thorough information. Bottom-up processing, also identified as "small chunk" processing, proposes that we attend to or identify essentials by
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Basically with bottom-up processing, your sensed make the decisions for you.
Metacognition is frequently humbly defined as "thinking about thinking." In fact, describing metacognition is not that easy. Though the phrase has been a part of the language of educational psychologists for the last few decades, and the perception for as long as individuals have been able to think about their intellectual involvement, there is a lot of discussion over precisely what metacognition is. One intention for this misperception is the fact that there are numerous relationships presently used to define the same basic sensation or a characteristic of that occurrence, and these terms are frequently used in the literature. While there are some differences amongst descriptions, all accentuate the part of administrative procedures in the management and instruction of reasoning practices.
Top-down and bottom-up processing are both used in tandem for critical thinking and if we learn how to use both together then we will grow as individuals. With the top-down processing we use critical thinking to make decisions like picking dinner, or a car purchase. The only problem with top-down is that if you are reading an article or hear something you don’t quite understand, you might assume that it has something to do with what you are reading or talking about. Bottom-up processing is when your emotions make the decisions for you. If you
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