Top Glove Company Background

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Company Background.
Established in 1991 with only one factory and three production lines, Top Glove has since grown by leaps and bounds to become the world's largest rubber glove manufacturer.
Top Glove places customer satisfaction at the very heart of its business; hence has put a great deal of emphasis on research and development to ensure continual improvement in its product quality and production efficiency.
In order to stay ahead of the curve in product development, it collaborates closely with government agencies and ministries to keep itself abreast of the latest development in rubber research technology. It has now earned itself a reputation of being a one-stop glove sourcing center offering an extensive and complete range
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Top Glove will be embarking on a 3-year rapid expansion in production lines by adding another 55 lines in FY8/05, 66 lines in FY8/06 and 56 lines in FY8/07, in its Phuket, Hatyai, Shanghai and Klang factories. This would require a capex of about RM60m and RM66m in FY8/05 and FY/06 respectively.

II. Penetration into new markets. Top Glove targets to have a customer base of 600 by December 2005 from 500 at present by increasing its export destinations to 160 from 145 currently. Countries providing further potential include Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Middle-East and the US.

III. Shifting towards more value-added products. In-line with the industry’s trend of favouring powder-free gloves, Top Glove is increasing its powder-free lines resulting in a product mix of 30% by the year 2006 from the current 17%. Apart from that, Top Glove will be producing more higher-margin products such as nitrile and surgical gloves when its future capacity is in place.

IV. ‘One Stop Glove Sourcing Centre’. Top Glove would still maintain its role as a ‘One-Stop Glove Sourcing Centre’ which has altogether a mix of 12 product range although it will be emphasizing on the more value-added range. Compared to other glove manufacturers, Top Glove is the only company in Malaysia that is able to manufacture all the varieties of gloves for healthcare, dental, food packaging, household, industrial, cleanroom as well as operation room. The broad choices has also made it convenient for existing
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