Top Hat Monologue

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Bright lights make me squint as I try and perform the last act. “And now, I, Kana the Great shall prove the power and might of magic by this classic trick!” I clap my hands once, indicating to the 14-year old assistant waiting backstage. He walks up, places a black top hat with a red ribbon around it on a “special” wooden stool up to my waist, and leaves. His enthusiasm mirrors the crowd at this point. Showtime. I smile, squinting so I can see the audience better. “Ladies and gentlemen, I, Kana, shall bring thou a bunny, just using this top hat!” I’ve known this trick for quite awhile - it was my first trick. I remember the day. I was five, using my pet bunny, Amigo, and my father’s top hat. It was old. I had been practising for a while,
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