Top Industries : Educational Services, Professional Scientific And Technical Services

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Top Industries: Educational Services, Professional Scientific and Technical Services
19-4061.00 - Social Science Research Assistants
My client wants become a research assistant or a statistical assistant, because she wants to obtain more research experience in social science and statistics, thus advancing her education in that field, and because she simply enjoys being part of a research team.
Research assistants should feel comfortable working in an environment that relates to that field, such as a laboratory, a clinic or an office setting. Research assistants must be reliable, punctual and very well organized. They should also feel secure following precise directions from other research assistants and lead researchers, as
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Client should be able to perform problem-solving and decision-making. Client needs to follow the scientific rules and methods used by the researches to solve problems.
Related experience
Based on the information from O*NET, client needs work-related experience, skills, knowledge, needed for these occupations. Average of 1-2 years of experience of research experience.
Tasks/job description
Research assistants are hired by principal researchers, to assist with conducting research projects (in any field; science, business, economics, social science, psychology and many others) by performing various duties related to a study. Research assistants are typically well experienced in the subject area of the project they work on. My client for example, is experience in Behavioral Science. My client would need to help social scientists in their laboratories, performing surveys, and other social science researches. Applicant may help prepare findings for publication and assist in laboratory analysis, quality control, or data management. Applicant, may also edit and submit research documentation, obtain informed consent of research subjects and/or their guardians, make tables, graphs, fact sheets, and written reports summarizing research results. Applicant, might be able to manage extensive databases and to provide assistance in the design of survey
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