Top Nuclear Security Challenge Facing The World

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Top Nuclear Security challenge facing the world in The 21st century Ahmed Alghamdi Summary About two-thousands metric tons of high unreached uranium are spread around the world in militaries facilities. Securing those facilities is step number one for a world free of nuclear weapons. Also, Terror group threats should be taken into account for a safer world. The proliferation of nuclear weapons considered a threat to the globe. However, huge steps were taken by the international committee to eliminate nuclear weapons. Finally, high enriched uranium could be replaced to nuclear fuel that generating clean energy and making the world more peaceful. I. Introduction More than 2,000 metric tons of weapons-grade materials are spread all…show more content…
However, many countries started to seek for these kind of weapons. After about three decades of the first use of nuclear attack, a nuclear power plant major accident occurred in Chernobyl, causes a huge amounts of radioactive particles to spread around the plant. Due to that, the surrounded city was evacuated and a lot of people was contaminated and some of them died [2]. II. Securing Nuclear Materials Facilities The first step in nuclear-free world plan is highly secure the weapons-grade materials such as high enriched uranium and plutonium. Even thought, Y-12 nuclear weapons production facility was intruded by protesters back in 2012. This facility is highly protected and secured. Nevertheless, the protesters made it to the main building. Fortunately, they didn’t mean to harm anything. The point of the protesters is to send a message that peace is much better than war [3]. Y-12 break is a proof that nuclear facilities still have lake of secure and surveillance. Moreover, Nuclear weapons facilities are spread in forty countries around the world. Because of that, Increasing the securing standards of nuclear weapons facilities are mandatory to achieve soon. The international community since Nuclear security summit in 2010 have made huge steps towards securing and elimination of nuclear materials. Furthermore, many countries improved the nuclear materials facilities secure. Other eliminated the high enriched
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