Top Nuclear Security Challenge Facing The World

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Top Nuclear Security challenge facing the world in The 21st century Ahmed Alghamdi Summary About two-thousands metric tons of high unreached uranium are spread around the world in militaries facilities. Securing those facilities is step number one for a world free of nuclear weapons. Also, Terror group threats should be taken into account for a safer world. The proliferation of nuclear weapons considered a threat to the globe. However, huge steps were taken by the international committee to eliminate nuclear weapons. Finally, high enriched uranium could be replaced to nuclear fuel that generating clean energy and making the world more peaceful. I. Introduction More than 2,000 metric tons of weapons-grade materials are spread all around the world. Due to that huge amount of dangerous materials, many nuclear security challenges have been appeared. nuclear fissile materials were spread in the black market after the end of cold war. Also, some countries start seeking for nuclear weapons technologies. Terror groups could be either a real threat. However, from my point of view the most challenge part is dealing with securing the high enriched uranium and plutonium that still available in military bases around the globe [1]. Nuclear bombing or accidents lead to kill thousands of innocent people around the world. The most famous nuclear attack happened back at the 40’s in the second world war. Two nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since then, the
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