Top Of The Academic Adjustments

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On top of the academic adjustments, the shift from high school to college can be socially and emotionally stressful on the part of the students particularly among those who belong to low-income families or those individuals who are the eldest among the family and are most likely to be the first to enter college (Moschetti & Hudley, 2008). Often, transition from high school to college can create financial burden on the part of the parents. Due to inadequate knowledge on how to go about the shift from high school to college, both the students and their parents may need strong support, advice, and guidance from the educational staff (i.e. what the students would expect in taking specific degree, how to financially plan for their expenses, how to get proper funding, and the benefits they will receive after the student is ready to establish a career) (Pascarella et al., 2004). All these explain why a lot of students who enter college are underprepared for the challenges they have to face in college.
The students’ level of preparation before entering college can affect their desire to become persistent and success in college (Tierney, Corwin, & Colyar, 2004). More than 80 percent of high school seniors aspire to four-year degrees (Roderick, Nagaoka & Coca 2009). Yet only a fraction enroll in a degree-bearing program within a year of high school graduation, and among those who do enter degree-bearing programs, approximately 36 percent are unprepared for college-level coursework…
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