Top Ranking Private Bank Of Bangladesh

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8 Managerial Funtions:
Managerial Functions are important factors to run a company successfully. If these functions are carried out fairly it will enhance the ovarall performance for the organization. premier bank is a top ranking private bank of Bangladesh. As a successful commercial bank it follows all the managerial fuctions properly.
Planning: It is important for a bank to formulate it:s plans and set the objectives according to the business environment around. Premier bank management carry out their plans quite intelligently.

Planing: premier bank formulate it 's plans and strategies accurately.

Deposit Money: They collect deposit from public who want to deposit a lump sum of money for a fixed time period; say for a minimum period of 1,3,6,12 or 24 months period, thereby earning a higher rate of interest in return.Three 's also eligibility for depositors for example minimum has to be 18 and he/she has to be a citizen of Bangladesh. Other key features are customer will get 80% loan facility on deposited amount and it can be opened for 3 months,6 months,12 months or 24 months,

Home loan facilities: Home loan facilities are given to clients by premier bank. The purchasing dwelling has to be for residential purpose and also apartments which are under construction will be under new home facilities.
House Construction Loan will be 70% of the total estimated cost of the construction or the maximum amount of loan assessed based on customers’ creditworthiness as per
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