Top Ten Stories : Summer 2016

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Ben Stefadu
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Top Ten Stories: Summer 2016

Brexit: At the end of June, Great Britain made the decision to leave the European Union. A referendum was held where more than 70 percent of the UK voted(more than 30 million people). It resulted in a 52 to 48 percent win for those in favor of leaving. When dividing the United Kingdom into its sovereign states the division can be seen clearly: England and Wales voted strongly for Brexit, while Northern Ireland and Scotland backed up staying in the EU. Following the decision to leave the European Union, Prime Minister David Cameron resigned his position and British politics went went into chaos. Although the economy was expected to drop it was able to withstand the effect of the decision. However, the pound has dropped to its lowest point in three decades, 1.28. As well as affecting the pound, Brexit has affected Great Britain socially in regards to immigration. In this new environment, some immigrants have reported that they have stopped speaking their native tongue in public. Mothers are worried about their children being bullied at school. Younger immigrants say they fear discrimination over jobs and educational opportunities. The negative effects of Brexit have already began to show as nativist sentiment increases and the pound continues to lose value. It is safe to say that this referendum will be marked in history as it continues to change Britain in the future.

Bastille Day Terror Attack: Terrorist…

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