Top Tips For A Successful International Marketplace

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Top Tips for a Successful International Marketplace

Top Tips for a Successful International Marketplace
The global marketplace increasingly favors specialty platforms for B2B eCommerce sales, and companies can now design their own international marketplaces or sell on multiple platforms to extend their marketing reach. It’s valuable to leverage these sales, marketing, lead-generating and commission-generating opportunities, but success depends on how well a business handles the challenges of marketplace sales. Specifically, successful companies speak contextually to an audience of varying interests, nationalities and purchasing habits.

It’s critical to manage complex inventory issues, content marketing, multiple languages, Web store
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[2] Multilanguage support is critical, and this requires a supportive software infrastructure. Content generation, website copy, whitepapers, product descriptions, instructions, icons and directional arrows need to comply with local languages and display practices to engage customers. Simply translating existing copy isn’t enough; it’s vital to create appealing copy based on local tastes, social media trends and content requirements of the targeted buyer profile.

Multicurrency Shopping Carts
Customers want to pay in their own currency without needing to make complex conversion calculations. That’s why using integrated software is so important because it enables companies to include a multicurrency module to integrate live exchange rates, automatic displays of price in the appropriate currency and real-time updates that display the right price at all times.

Multiple Payment Options
Payment options should include several payment methods if possible, but it’s even more critical to research each country and choose the most popular payment method. One payment provider study determined that choosing a popular local provider can increase conversions by 10 percent. [3] Partnering with a payment-gateway company with multiple connections also makes sense because it increases the options of rerouting payments through multiple gateways.

Region-Specific Content
There are multiple options for providing region-specific content when the
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