Top Two Holland Vocational Types Are Conventional And Investigative

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My top two Holland Vocational types are Conventional and Investigative. I believe that these results are accurate since, according to my consistency theme “environments that are structured, predictable, and detail-oriented are likely to appeal to you” (Clifton, Anderson & Schreiner, 2006, p. 254) coincidentally, my discipline talent reads “Environments that are structured and detail-oriented, with clearly established routines and procedures, will likely bring out your best” (Clifton et al, p. 258). For the Conventional vocational type, Clifton, Anderson, and Schreiner indicate that “in our study of college students, the Achiever, Analytical, Consistency, Discipline, Focus, Harmony and Responsibility themes were significantly, related to this vocational type” this includes three out of my five signature themes (p. 2.99). Also, for the investigative vocational types Clifton, Anderson and Schreiner indicate “careers that might be a good fit for this vocational type include chemists, biologists, technical writers, medical lab technicians, clinical psychologists, computer programmers, and researchers of all kinds” (p. 298). It makes me feel comfortable that According to my signature themes and my top two vocational types, my current pursuit of a Computer Science Degree doesn’t seem to be a wildish idea. Somethings that I have learned from the UNC article are, the reasons why we procrastinate, the five myths about procrastination, and ways to combat procrastination. One of the
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