Topeka Trip

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I would like to thank mrs. Rogy and the school board for everything they did so that we could go on the Topeka trip. It was fun getting to go to all of the historical places. We got to go to the mall and eat supper a go to the candy store. The hotel we stayed in was called the Ramada Inn. The hotel was neat, they had a 3 story high water slide for us. They left the pool open for an extra hour, it was a blast.
At the Kansas Museum of History, they had a giant train on display. My favorite thing in the museum was where it talked about the Air Capital which is in Wichita KS. They had a lot of old planes that looked pretty neat.
At the Brown vs. Board of Education Museum, we learned that the Monroe schools in Topeka were not that different they basically had the same equality rights as white people. The books in the black school were the same books that the white children used in school. The only difference was blacks were in one and whites in the other. Once they got to high school they united but a black teacher could not teach the white students.
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It was very neat and the rock walls were made out of limestone and granite. In some places, there was copper that was hammered into the walls that made into pretty designs. For safety reasons, we had to walk through a metal detector machine that checked us if we had anything on us that could harm anybody. The dome walk was very scary, but awesome. We went up 266 stairs to get to the top of the Capital. When we got to the top of the dome, it was windy, but you could see about 30 miles. Going down was the scariest part of the dome walk. It felt like you were going to fall straight down. On the way up and down, you could see this winch. They use the winch to lower down the chandelier to clean it and do maintenance on it if it had a like light burnt
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