Topic 1: Should schools actively teach creative thinking skills?

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Topic 1: Should schools actively teach creative thinking skills?
Education always plays an important role in enabling people to enter society knowledgably and with good skills. People keep learning from cradle to grave in order to horn their skills of thinking creatively as one of the key factors for success. They are conventionally trained by their school professors even from preschool period. However, the most reasonable time to learn is the high school stage when students' brains are significantly developing ('Thinking skills' 2003). This essay, therefore, will argue the idea that schools should be active in teaching students creative thinking skills because of the good educational background itself and the skills acquired will be
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Many studies prove that teaching creative thinking skills helps students gain better achievements. The result of research at Dong Hu Junior High School, for instance, presents that "The overall performance of the students was significantly better on both the academic and technical subjects compared to that in the traditional teaching" (Jeng, YC, Hsu, SL, Xie, J, Lin, R & Huang, CC 2010, P.37). In addition, applying the CASE (Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education) at King's College London, a program of teaching thinking skills, 19% of participating students achieve A-C grades in GCSE (the General Certificate of Secondary Education) science more than those using traditional methods ('Thinking skills' 2003). In English and Maths, the result amazingly varies from 15 to 16% of better achievement. Scientific guidance and lectures from facilitators will effectively motivate pupils’ process of brainstorming, mind-mapping ideas and organizing them in a logical structure, which significantly contributes to the success of their assignments. Moreover, this may even be applied much further into their life because of improving not only knowledge, but also thought processes. Furthermore, being familiar with wise thoughts, students will be confident in learning and considering things thoroughly before going to analysis and then evaluating their tasks or duties. As a result, creative thinking will really help to improve performance of people from
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