Topic: Evaluation of Listening and Speaking Skills Activities of English Textbook Grade 5(P.T.B).

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Topic: Evaluation of listening and speaking skills activities of English textbook grade 5(P.T.B). Chapter I Introduction Communication is a necessity for survival. It is an innate human desire that man wants to the other people around establish commonness by sharing, information, exchanging message, signals, ideas, signs or behavior. Language is believed to the primary element of most human communication throughout human civilization the basic mode communication is by spoken means. For which different languages are generated. Language itself is a system of sounds and words used by ones to express one’s feelings, emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc. People love to spend more time in listening and speaking rather than reading…show more content…
hhp:// According to the British council (2000). Speakers of English as a second language provably out number there how speak it as a first language, and around 750 million people are believed to speak English as a foreign language. English is the most common language to communicate scientific, technological, academic and international trade information. English is considered to be a useful tool to access the world. In order to survive in this fast moving globalize world, there is a need to be effective as well as efficient in this mode communication. As crystal writes (1997). “Organization wishing to develop international markets is under considerable pressure to work with English” (P-106). Aims and objectives of teaching English at primary school level: Specifically speaking, the teaching English at primary level is expected to enable the child to 1- Recognize alphabets, vowels sound, and words. 2- Exchange social courtesies. 3- Ask for things to meet his immediate needs. 4- Talk about feelings / physical conditions. 5- Talk about preferences / likes and dislikes, giving reasons. 6- Talk about possessions/ belongings and introduce family members. 7- Talk about continuation of events in the past. 8- Ask questions and give answers, related to the present and past. 9- Make simple statement about number weather,

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