Topic:. How Do Leadership Styles Influence On The Employee

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Topic: How do leadership styles influence on the employee retention of the organisations in major U.K. airline industry? Background: The rapid change of the world economy has led to grate pressure downward on travel require, increase on fuel prices, stimulated from the expansion of low-cost carrier company, and increased competition, all of them cause many challenges for existing airline companies. In order to respond, airlines have launched new tactics in order to improve efficiency and reduce internal costs while endeavoring to maintain high-quality service and remain competitive advantages. In other words, employees may be expected to perform double the work and time to make higher efficiency with less break and lack of training. In…show more content…
To examine the assumption behind the leadership techniques of employee’s turnover. 2. To establish the problem cause employees to leave their job. 3. To identify the opinions between airline employees and employers. 4. To identify employer’s leadership can influence in employee’s performance. 5. Make a conclusion about the leadership style can have some impacts on employee’s turnover. Method 1. Conduct a review of the annual report of major airline company in U.K. and literatures on employee’s turnover and connect them to develop research hypotheses 2. Carry out primary research or academic articles within airline leadership and employers in U.K. airline industry and compare them to the opinions of employees towards values the employee retention. In the research to test the hypothesis data will be collected from managers and frontline employees in various organizations in U.K. airline industry. To collect the data for the study large amount questionnaire packets that create by reviewing research or academic articles. each having a one survey for the manager and one for the employees mostly who engage actively in
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