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Topic: Making Movies Mean More Introduction Convincing Audiences to go for a movie in a Unique way is always being a Crucial part in Cinema History. Cinema has become a dominant medium of Creativity and communication globally. Influence of to be entertained and informed comes to consideration while thinking about a cinema’s Targeted Audience. The word Entertainment here means The Act of diverting, Amusing or Causing someone’s time to pass agreeably, something that occupies the attention agreeably. To make that happen Cinema Marketing is a Multiface venue that’s winning over marketers. Different Mediums of Cinema advertising are used in today’s fast growing movie world to achieve the Required Stats. Advertising is divided into different…show more content…
During this period, Australian producers had easy access to cinema screens as supplies of International films were not regular. This success started decreasing in 1913 when a series of takeovers and mergers in distribution and exhibition led to the creation of the monopolistic ‘Combine’. Australian feature filmmaking faced further challenges in the following years with the Depression and the debilitating increase in production costs associated with the introduction of sound. And while some producers – most notably Cinesound – had partial success in the 1930s, World War II almost fatally disrupted production allowing the industry to sink over the following 30 years, reaching its lowest point by the end of the

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