Topic On Alcopops And Teen Binge Drinking

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Introduction In this report I will be discussing the topic on Alcopops and teen binge drinking teen binge drinking. Binge drinking is drinking large amounts of alcohol for the purpose of getting drunk. Teenagers generally do this on a weekend and the drink of choice is the sweet flavoured Alcopops. These drinks come in a variety of cool colour and flavours and are marketed at the younger target group Binge drinking is a widely used term, and is the act of drinking heavily over a short period of time or over several days. Alcopops are the only alcoholic drink whose popularity declines with age. Alcopops begin introducing young people to alcohol at a young age, before they move onto other types of alcoholic drinks, such as wine and beer. 1 What are Alcopops Alcopops are pre-mixed, spirit-based drinks. They have their own category known as the ‘ready to drink’ or RTD segment of the alcohol market. Alcopops were first sold in Australia in 1995 and the Alcopop market has expanded rapidly since then. Today, there are about 400 Alcopop products available in Australia. They usually contain high levels of sweeteners, colouring, and flavouring and resemble soft drinks in the way they taste and in their appearance. Alcopops have an average alcohol content of around five percent, which is stronger than normal strength beers. Alcopops are much more popular in the younger age groups and are the drink of choice for over half of 12-14 year olds. Alcopops have cooler names like Carnival

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